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    Post PlayStation Plus price increase for Europe from August 31st [Up: 12+3 months offer on PS Store]

    PlayStation Plus will be increasing in price in Europe from the end of August this year. Players all over the world were told about the change in an email that started arriving earlier today in their email inboxes. Sony say the price hike is to "reflect various market conditions", whatever that means.
    Emails sent to subscribers this morning and verified by Eurogamer confirm the change of prices goes into effect on 31st August 2017.

    In the UK, the annual price goes up by 25 per cent, from £39.99 to £49.99. The quarterly price goes up from £14.99 to £19.99. And the monthly price goes up from £5.99 to £6.99.

    Sony said it will automatically alter the price of a Plus membership from 31st August, so if you're an existing member, all recurring subscription fees payable by you on or after 31st August will be charged at the new price.
    Brexit to blame?
    Sony does not offer a reason for the price hike in its email, but the fact this is a PAL region-wide price hike suggests Brexit is not to blame. A Sony rep sent Eurogamer the following statement:

    "Starting at 12:01AM BST on 31st August, 2017, prices for PlayStation Plus memberships in the SIEE region will change to £49.99/€59.99 for 12 months, £19.99/€24.99 for three months and £6.99/€7.99 for one month. For current members, the new prices will take effect when their memberships renew on or after this date. Membership will continue to include online multiplayer, two PS4 games every month, new PlayLink social party game That's You! as a bonus game until 25th October, exclusive discounts, and 10GB online storage for game saves."
    [via PlayStation Plus price hike announced for Europe]
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    Yep it went up AUD $10 here as well. Was a good reminder for me to turn off auto-renewal.

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    If they are increasing prices near across the board then the service needs to be improves in the areas people have been asking for; like being able to change names and dedicated servers becoming the norm. With Microsoft doing the free games (as long as you're subscribing) thing too and at the same level as Sony does, that money has to be seen as going back into the service.
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    same in france...

    "Jusqu'ici à 49,99 euros, la souscription annuelle va passer à 59,99 euros, un prix identique à celui de l'offre équivalente proposée par son concurrent Microsoft, le XBox Live Gold. L'abonnement trimestriel va augmenter de 19,99 à 24,99 euros, tandis que l'abonnement mensuel prendra un euro, passant de 6,99 à 7,99 euros. "

    new from 28/07/17 at 19h30

    so for a year england people will pay 49£99 = 55,50euros

    french people with 59,99euros will pay like 4 euros more per year comparse to united kingdom peoples !
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    goes out of service routinely, has security breaches regularly, asks for more money for a service that should be free in the first place. This is everything that is wrong with gaming platforms.

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    sure ozzcom, and it seems there are (only) 26 millions people in the world whose suscribe to PSplus (after 4 years the PS4 out) ! that's not a big population but it will pay like more 260 millions $ per year for Sony

    ... just before the release of gran turismo, online increase in september gran turismo released in october

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    Sony are offering a bit of goodwill right now before this comes into effect with 15 months of PS Plus for the price of 12 when bought through the PS Store.

    Sony offers 15 months of PS Plus for the price of 12
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