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    Default Recovering HDD

    Hello my name is SATA 1TB Hard disk and I'm a failure addict.

    So this morning I try to boot up the pc and it gives me the disk failure error. Windows is installed on a separate ssd but for some reason it decided to not boot up anyway.
    I have some important stuff in that drive so I do need to get em before I throw it away. Has anyone actually went through clickbait hell that is offered by google search and found a way to backup the failed disk here?

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    I'd recommend running an USB-booteable copy of Linux (Lubuntu, for example) and try to mount your HDD from there to try to recover the data. I have yet to do it, but I'm just lazy because I know it will take me a whole day to do it...

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    alright I did find a way to boot, turned off smart setting from bios which prevents damaged disks from getting booted. ASUS PLS

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    Similar to mau's suggestion, if you download something like Hiren's Boot CD or Ultimate Boot CD for Windows, these load up a live 'Mini XP' operating system instead of Linux, and also come with many free utilities including disk backup pre-loaded.

    Download Hiren's BootCD 15.2 | HBCD Fan Discussion Platform

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    yeah that was my last resort, fortunately the disk is not that corrupt, I was able to just boot and transfer all the files, bought the 850 evo ssd for replacement, worked out great. thx for the suggestions tho


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