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    Default So how many of you have been banned/suspended on PS4 this week?

    If you're a PS4 user in the UK and have recently made a PSN purchase with Paypal, you might be in a spot of bother at the moment while Sony and Paypal work out who's stuffed up and how to resolve the issues.

    Basically, what has happened is that many UK PS4 players have automatically received Paypal refunds from Sony for recent purchases. Since players still retain the content that was purchased, many player accounts/wallets have a negative balance, and as a result have been automatically banned, meaning that users can't get their consoles online, nor can they even log into their PSN accounts on the Sony website in order to top up their wallets in an attempt to reverse the ban.

    Have you been affected?

    UPDATED — Paypal Just Did a Mass Chargeback on PSN Transactions | Kotaku UK

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    Now this is not going to be fun for those affected while these two battle over who is at fault. Sony are notorious for being miserable when it comes to tackling issues like this. Just read up on the many incidents involving FIFA UT credits or whatever and how they respond to those who use their card companies or banks to claw back their money to see what I mean.
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    People purchase through the PSN rather than through a supermarket or amazon to save time and effort, people purchase through paypal rather than using card details to save time and effort.... they had a fairly straightforward job, SAVE TIME AND EFFORT. They seem to have messed that up

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