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    Default Gamerscore Cheats Beware!!

    In a thread recently (which I can't find), I said that the bosses at M$ were going to take action against those who cheat to get achievements.

    Well this is what will happen to you if you get caught:

    Gamerscore Correction
    I wanted to follow up and let you know where we are on the post I made a few months ago on Gamesave Tampering. Today we took action on some of the accounts we have identified as the most serious offenders who have violated the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use by tampering with their Gamerscore and Achievements.
    The steps today takes the form of the following:

    Resetting the entire Gamerscore for an account to zero
    The account will be unable to regain all previously obtained achievements and Gamerscore, however, the players will have the ability to gain future Achievements by earning them fairly, like the majority of the Xbox LIVE community does.
    The account will be clearly labeled as a cheater for the community to view on You can see an example here. In dash, the personal view of the gamercard will be labeled as well.

    Xbox LIVE remains committed to keeping the service free of cheating in order to maintain a fair and level playing field for everyone.

    To read more about Gamerscore corrections read the FAQ on

    Edit: Added link directly to our internal test account Gamercard that shows the cheater section.

    From Major Nelson

    Original post:

    An FAQ has gone up on that describes more about the particular things you should NOT do if you want to avoid being branded a Gamerscore cheat, most notably:
    • Q: Under what circumstances does LIVE correct a specific gamerscore?
      A: Specific and automated criteria are used to determine if a player has earned achievements by using tools that circumvent the game or avoid game play entirely. A player who meets these criteria has their gamerscore corrected.
    • Q: How does LIVE know a player has been cheating on their gamerscore versus another player?
      A: We look for abnormal achievement and gamerscore activity using criteria that identifies users who have used external means to earn achievements without really playing the game. Users who play games legitimately to earn an achievements are unaffected by this.
    So there you go - don't cheat your Gamerscore.
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    I don't get it, how can you cheat from a 360 apart from glitching it? Can you tamper with the internet code being sent out from the 360 or something?
    Life is good. Simples. Cccchhhhh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iced_Bullet »
    I don't get it, how can you cheat from a 360 apart from glitching it? Can you tamper with the internet code being sent out from the 360 or something?
    No its something about gamesaves, you can somehow change the profile names of games saves (as they are locked to profiles) to another. For example if you completed tdu and I hadn't somehow we could change the profile name from yours to mine then I get a completed game and all the achievements for doing nothing.

    Other ways include letting someone/companies recover your account and and doing that for you for real money. I think this is known as boosting.

    This is the original post about it


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