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    Default Remastered Crash Bandicoot trilogy hits PS4 next month

    While I did own the original CB and played a bit of the first world, I was probably too young at the time and found it pretty hard. I was a big fan of Crash Team Racing and Crash Bash on PS1 however. Even owned a multi-tap for 4-player split screen.

    Anyway the original trilogy is coming in a few weeks and you can see a preview and comparison with PS1 below. Overall they seem to have done a good job.

    Anyone planning on picking this up?

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    This guy was the unofficial PlayStation mascot for many people. Like you said, the games were pretty tough despite its looks. It's a shame they never did what the new Wipeout game is doing and gave away a classic PS1 style for the boxart. I know it's not only on PS4 but it would have been good to see that happen with another known classic PS1 title.
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    Man, I grew up with games like Crash Bandicoot. So many happy memories playing with my brother. I miss those kinds of games so much, I honestly think about purchasing a PS4 just for this.

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