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    Default Resolution for PC that keeps turning itself on

    Right so I'm up early because every time I shutdown my PC there's a 50% chance of it coming on 20 seconds later . I'd already done the usual stuff, update BIOS, alter UEFI settings, disable wake permissions from various items in Device Manager, etc.

    Here's a way I've stumbled across on how to do it (presumably) for Windows 10. Do this right after the PC turns itself on:

    Open CMD
    Type powercfg /lastwake

    As you can see the culprit is listed as the network adapter. I'm sure I had already disabled that via Device Manager but let's continue...

    Now if you want, compare the list of devices that can wake your PC

    Type powercfg /devicequery wake_armed

    Now to disable it, type powercfg /devicedisablewake "your device here"

    Give that a go. If problems persist then repeat this and see if another device needs disabling. If you want to see what else you can do with this tool then just type /? after any command, i.e. powercfg /? or powercfg /devicequery /?
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    Did not know this was a thing that could happen from shutdown. Need to keep this in mind should I experience it myself or someone else does and they are looking for help.

    BTW what's the powercgf /? at the end there?
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    The post is more or less for my benefit next time I run into this and forget what I did

    The most useful part is seeing what actually woke up the PC instead of disabling everything and trying to enable one thing at a time.

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    Was the adapter updating or something for this to happen or was it just being problematic?
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    The only thing I could see in Event Viewer (which is where I looked first) was it attempting (but failing) to synchronise the clock with a time server. I thought I had already disabled the network adapters from waking the PC because I was no longer able to Wake On LAN. Time will tell if this resolves it.

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    I have a similar problem, the TV in the dining room likes to turn itself on at random times during the night. I only ever use it loudly for music/radio during the day so when it comes on, it then plays music very very loudly

    The timer setting on the TV is off, and i've ruled a faulty remote out by seeing if happens with no batteries in the remote etc. Guess it's just a faulty TV now.

    I know this isn't really a similar problem, it's not even that much of a problem, I just felt like posting it.

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    I have a similar problem. Though my issue of the PC turning back on isn't in software (i have W10).
    The problem is in the power button of the case. The one i have is the Lian-Li PC-V700.
    You see, the actual button, bellow the plastic round bit, is pretty good.
    It feels like a button on a gamepad, but with more depth.

    But when the button is pressed down, the entire plastic top is now bellow the outside metal casing.
    So if you click it too hard or at an angle, the button will get stuck under the case.
    Now the button is always pressed, so i have to open the side panel, take a tiny screwdriver and wiggle the button back out.

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    I always turn off power strip after pc, never had such problems.

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    If the button got stuck wouldn't that always turn your PC off after 5-10 seconds? @johnwalter1044


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