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    After setting the handling to simulation it is a nicer game for me, dunno how I could play with it on normal. As TimBud said, cruising is a big part of the game, they could've at least put a race creator or some stuff, as all the circuit races are designed that each lap would take around a minute, not saying there aren't good circuit races, but there certainly could be better ones.
    Also, I feel that a significant part of the understeer is gone with steering set to simulation, I could do some of those stunts a lot better with it. Some cars are harder to control, tending to snap off the road if you aren't careful but I feel it adds a better feeling to the game. Only assist that I use is abs.
    Another thing, for cruising I like to shut absolutely everything off, gauges, races off the map and then get into a private online free roam lobby so the drivetards don't bother me, feels very relaxing to just cruise randomly and a bit more immersive.
    Wanted to share this stuff, maybe it would help you get a better experience playing the game.

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    I find the simulation setting makes the understeer worse and more unpredictable.

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