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    Default RIP Robert Miles :( - creator of iconic electro track "Children"

    Many of you will know how much I adore pieces of music that were created by Robert Miles, with "Children" being at the top of the list. I may even have introduced you to that track and you have gone on to find more by him and sought after more electronic music. Well unfortunately, his name trending on twitter wasn't to do with a new release or album, but in fact to give condolences after his death.

    Taken away at 47, an age which is way too young these days, the famous Italian producer died after losing the fight to stage four metastatic cancer.

    via: Robert Miles: DJ known for 1990s hit Children dies aged 47 - BBC News
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    Damn that's devastating. Children is probably one of my favourite pieces of music, ever. RIP.

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    that was some very good sounds !


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