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    Default Hey Racers

    Hello everyone Im new and am looking to get into modding tdu2 on my newly built gaming PC after having played tdu2 on consoles I new the PC version would be leagues better seeing as it has mod support from the tdu2 community.

    I like cars and video games what more can i say?

    my favorite racing game of all time would have to be Need For Speed Most Wanted 05

    Racing Games I Like To Play:
    • Need For Speed (MW "05, Carbon, NFS 15', UG2, and occasionally Pro Street)
    • Test Drive (of course)
    • Gran Turismo (3, 4, 5, 6, and Sport)
    • Midnight Club (3 and L.A.)
    • Tokyo Xtreme Racer ( 3 )
    • Drive Club
    • Juiced 2 Hot Import Nights

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    Hi there Marc, welcome to the . So, you like cars and video games eh? Well that is, as you rightly said, all you need to say I guess.

    Good choice for numero uno raceo gameo, I still rate the classic NFSs before any post-2000, but the original MW,definitely has a place in my heart. Drove many a mile in my blacked out 996 Porsche turbo.

    Thanks for joining and I hope to see you around the many topics we got here.
    I'm a bit mental.

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    If you wanna a real driver in TDU (only the TDU1) I'm on (out of wednesdays)

    But I know there is not many good drivers, for example in 100 rides, we meet like less than 5 good drivers, of course there still very good ones like DenisS for example (did 200km with him and there was a really good ride)

    People often take some tuning cars but they finish in walls in less than 5km, or they take dragsters to go at 500 km/h only in highways

    So i'm remember a guy (maestro) with a aston vantage kit 3 really good in highways, but in turns an ferrari 308 (250hp vs +700hp) is larger enough to ridiculise him so the level of pilots in TDU seems more and more little !

    That's just the way is
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    I thought Midnight Club 3 = MCLA?


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