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    Default TDU 2 HELP

    Is there a way to change racing school timers ? Please help me with this, i just cant handle frustration anymore. I like the game overall but racing school is hell.
    My game is unpacked with unofficial path and Autopack. I use C.T.R. Physics mod 1.05 but even with (and without) this mod i cant complete hawai schools.
    Or maybe someone can point me to specific gamefile i can modify myself (i know how to edit cpr files).
    Game is supposed to be fun not a living hell.
    (Sorry form my English, its not my primary)

    Edit: - Can you tell me if timers for racing school is located in this file - aicmac_training.xml if yes which line i need to change ?
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    the racing school missions are quite easy tbh. the B class training acad is quite complicated but it's manageable. try to use driving aids, see if that helps.

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    I dont want to be rude or something but i dont need a encouragement or people telling me that racing school is easy or you can do this. No i cant. If im the only person on the entire world who cant pass this test, so be it.
    I just need someone to tell me which file i need to edit, so i can finally pass racing schools and play the rest of the game comfortable without anger and frustration.
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    No idea what to mod, but would you consider sharing some video footage of your best attempts, just in case there is a way to help improve and then enjoy the game more? iirc some of those later races became more difficult to win as well.



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