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    No BTCC 2017 thread?

    I missed the first race weekend of the season and was hoping to be at Donington today but that didn't happen so I'm making up for it by watching it on TV.

    F4 race stopped due to a horrific crash, just hope the young lad is okay. He went flat out into the back of and under a stopped/slow moving car. The worst part for viewers is the live TV feed showed him go under the car in front with the cars onboard camera. Not sure if he hit his head though.

    Other than that there has been some good racing and mega crashes so far this weekend with a few more hours to go with the rain on its way. Got to love how simple Donington is but it always manages to cook up some great entertainment.

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    Well that was an eventful raceday!

    Best wishes to Billy, that was an awful hit and I am glad to hear that the stationary car driver got away relatively unscathed I believe. Not heard much about Billy though apart from he suffered leg injuries. Hopefully nothing too disastrous meaning he can recover and get back to racing again.

    As for the rest of the disciplines: BTCC as usual provided plenty of action and talking points. The first race set things up well for what to expect from the day, and thankfully that was hard racing throughout the pack. The BMWs showed their class and racecraft and it was excellent to see a new name on the winner's trophy of Aiden Moffat... the fact he's another Scot does help in my support of that win. Tingram is looking mighty speedy and is starting to take on board how taking points is the main objective of a race, however it's not fully sunk in as in a post race interview I do remember him saying something about wanting to go charging forward rather than take the secure points. I can respect that outlook, but at the same time this is a Championship and points mean prizes.

    The support classes were also great fun as always, the Clio 'Crash' brilliantly keeping up to its name and showing us some unbelievable scenes where cars were 3-abreast in rows heading down areas that barely fit two cars! Then we have the Ginettas, in both Juniors and the main grouping. And it was the youngsters who as is fairly routine, showed us some amazingly close and frenetic racing action. I don't think there is ever a race where one of them doesn't lose the whole bonnet off the car!!

    Love those Porsches, the sound they make and the speed they carry while jostling with one another is a real sight to behold. Was glad to see Cammish not running away with it as a contest and battle is what we want to see as spectators and that is what we got.

    What can you say about the final race though? What a mess but also a glorious one at that! Going too early when the track is basically a covering of water was always a bit optimistic and naturally it did provide many cars going off, including Neal who I thought was going to make it back on track with the help of the Marshalls, but he seemed to put his foot down too hard, and the car dug in and mechanical assistance had to get him out.

    Not sure what to think about Shedden's car failing the ride height and therefore being excluded. I can understand the whole it was damaged so what could he do about it but at the same time that is a really slippery slope to go down in future. I feel that his team maybe should have spotted this on the restart after the Red Flag. Was a shame to seal the win so emphatically, only to lose it by a technical infringement. Albeit, a big one.

    Such a great day of racing apart from the horrific incident and I cannot wait for the next round in less than 3 week's time!
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    Incident can be viewed here - F4 British Championship 2017. Race 3 Donington Park. Billy Monger Horrifying Crash - YouTube

    Reminds me of a tactic I once nearly pulled off in my first Gran Turismo league race. Very different reaction in real life of course.

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    Poor kid has had amputations to both of his legs.

    There has been a justgiving set up to help him and his family get through this and it's already blasted past the 260k goal in less than 12 hrs!
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    What an absolute tragedy, but its amazing to see how much support is being given.

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    It's picked up some major steam as some F1 drivers have now noticed and contributed to the cause. Button and Verstappen I've seen for sure, and I think I caught something being said by Hamilton too. I can understand JB and LH getting involved as they came up through the same (or similar) system as young Monger was doing. The people who are trying to get Alex Zanardi to get in contact with him have the right idea and I would love to see that happen!

    Looking to the BTCC: Subaru is a bit surprising this year. It looked like some new centre of gravity change that they were given made the car not as good but you haven't heard much from Plato (shocking!) or the team in regards to this. Plus, I read somewhere that the team admitted they got the setting wrong and so it's not as simple as the change causing any real problems after all.

    Donington was a strange one, as every Subaru apart from Sutton seemed to have the pace they are capable of back as he and the car was looking really good. I hope it's just some teething problems or lack of testing that's got them off to a slow start and not some internal struggles. Despite how much I like to see Plato brought down a peg, I do want Subaru to stay in and be challenging for those podium places and wins.

    I'd be absolutely thrilled if Sutton won the Championship as we all know how much Plato believes Subaru is his baby. Was so good when Turkington took the first win for the manufacturer as you just know Plato wanted that historic moment for himself.
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    I've noticed a game developer studio contribute as well.



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