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    Maybe it'll just be a fun relaxed kind of game? Afterall, TDU wasn't exactly the best driving game when it was released, I am intrigued by the concept of having boats and planes but they'll have to put as much effort into it as they do cars or else it'll seem a bit silly.

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    I honestly dont see a point in having planes and boats in a racing game unless were talking power boat racing, but planes?

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    It's just something that adds a new dimension to your typical racing game. They need to make sure the vehicles feel right otherwise it will be a lot of effort for probably nothing. And should they be sticking with the RPG element then they need to drive (npi) the fact that the handling sucks at the start but will get better as you progress.

    That could be a non-starter for many though if it remains.
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    If @Leadfoot[YT] were still making those TDU movies I'm sure he'd appreciate having boats and planes built in. Also @BeSweeet was into flying hacks for TDU2. I've not yet seen the trailer so can't comment. If they're adding boats and planes well then they had better allow us to drive the trains as well.

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    I'll make sure to grab this when it's gonna be free in a year, gg ubisoft.

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    BTW can we merge this thread with the trailer one? Maks no sense having two threads about the same game.
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