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    Default Screwy TDU Gamesave

    Hi everyone,

    I just spent many hours completing all parts of single player TDU (challenges, reward cars/house, getting all cars and organizing them). I turned my game on today and was barraged on TDU News by most of the achievements that I had already gotten (like getting 2 cars even though I already have 70+?). I then noticed that my character and all of his clothes were reset. I looked at the map, and even though I had already completed every mission, many of them were suddenly grayed out and it said I hadn't traveled on those roads yet. Also, all of the Extra missions were reset. Strangely, though, I still have the reward house even though apparently only ~50% of roads have been discovered.

    Basically, my character and his clothes were reset, the roads are now about 50% undiscovered in totally random spots (like in patches), and all Extra missions are reset, but everything else is the same. I still have all my houses and cars.

    Is there any way I can revert my gamesave or tamper with it to change it back to normal? I've spent too many hours grinding cash to go back to the last time I backed up my gamesave and start again from there. I also don't want to drive on every road again because I'd basically have to go back through every single road on the map.

    Thank you!

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    You're on PC, right? In your Documents\Test Drive Unlimited\savegame\profile folder you should somewhere see a folder called playersave and playersave2. Back these up somewhere, then try switching them around (rename playersave2 to playersave) and see if that works.

    You should be regularly backing up your Documents folder anyway. What if you ever get infected with ransomware?

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    I just tried that and it didn't work. Thanks for trying to help though.

    I realize that I did actually back up my gamesave not too too long ago though. It wouldn't be a total loss if I had to start from there, maybe just 2 or 3 hours (~$10mil?) of work to get to where I am now, but it's just so boring to grind the same short race over and over again. I would much prefer to just change a couple lines of text if possible.

    As for backing up Documents, I pretty much only use Windows for TDU so it honestly wouldn't be that huge of a deal if I got a virus on here (I use OSX for everything else, I am using Win10 on Bootcamp).

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    Ok then. Playersave2 is more of a way for the game to recover from corrupting a save and not a proper backup. You'll have to go back to your previous backup. There are ways to modify car prices (buy low, sell high) to make money but I've never done that so you'll just have to search around.

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    Sadly there is no save editor for TDU as far as I know, so yeah you're gonna have use the backup you have

    About the car prices, you can simply do that with TDUPE

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