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    Default Richard Hammond crashses

    Richard Hammond likes motorbikes. He has been riding since he was 16, has presented a TV show reviewing them (before TopGear), and has an enviable collection of two wheeled machines, including the famous Vincent Black Shadow - which you can see in this recent video log.

    Richard Hammond also, it seems, likes crashing. In 2006, he escaped death and battled with depression and paranoia after a high speed roll-over in a drag-racer. Has also had two motorcycle crashes in 2015, for which he blames other motorists. He said "I love riding bikes – it’s something I’ve done for as long as I remember. And I plan to carry on for a long time yet. It doesn’t matter how good you get – it’s other motorists who perhaps aren’t as focused that will get you. And when they do, it hurts. I got caught out twice last year, hitting the deck both times. I was lucky – not so badly beaten up."

    Today, news is spreading that he has had another serious crash while filming for The Grand Tour in Mozambique. He was knocked out when he hit his head, far away from medical facilities. Hammond’s co-star Jeremy Clarkson said of his friend’s horror motorbike crash: “He really did hurt himself quite badly.”

    We of course wish him all the best and a speedy recovery.

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    He's made a statement about it on drivetribe, doesn't sound as if it was that serious but I guess you can't be too safe considering how lucky he's been.

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    He's been through it a bit this guy and so has May in a few instances. When will it be Clarkson's turn?

    Good to hear it wasn't serious, though if he hit his head I do hope he got it seen to.
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