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    Default Test Drive Unlimited 2 with combined pedals

    Hello! I wanted to play TDU2 with my steering wheel (cheap type of steering wheel), but there is a problem. I can't set brake pedal because game says that "this axis is used by gas pedal". And i think it's true. My steering wheel pedals works on one axis. It's working with all games, but not with TDU 2. Is there any way to solve this problem? Is there any mod or something?

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    Theres a complicated way of emulating a device and changing the axis numbers in the process, I used it for old games to manually define which axis is used for what ;-)

    Its called vjoy, Ill put the link down below.
    But be warned it is very tricky to set up, and I dont know if it will support force feedback tbh, but maybe worth a try.

    And yes as I recall there is a possibilty to split axes into two different sectors.

    I guess the simplest solution would be to get a Xbox 360 gamepad, since TDU2 is a console port for the most part native support for the xbox 360 controller is implemented -> problem solved for what like 15-20 $ or 25€^^

    But maybe you should try reinstalling your game first, also check your wheel drivers and maybe try to reinstall them too. ;-)
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    Wouldn't the game controller options not have a setting to turn 'combined' pedals on/off to resolve this?

    If not, I guess the entire problem is the 'cheap' wheel - as in one the devs have never heard of and not programmed support for.

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    Yes! It works! Vjoy was too complicated for me, but i was thinking about Xbox 360 pad. There is Xbox 360 pad emulator (www(dot) I installed it, configured, and it works fine. Thank you for your answers

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    Hi guyz i just want to know where to download TDU 2 game with mods.
    Mods seprate file
    It would be good if you replyed quick
    thanks tubroduck for making me a member.
    Have a NICE DAY !!!!!!!!!!!


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