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    Default DiRT Rally Now Available For Playstation VR

    Since its initial release back in December 2015 DiRT Rally has astounded both fans and critics. The combination of the realism alongside the fantastic sounds and stunning graphics offers an immersive experience for players. This has resulted in a difficult-yet-addictive game, a legend up there with the likes of the original Colin McRae Rally series that preceded DiRT, and of...

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    One interesting note is that Team VVV seem to think that the PSVR version of Dirt Rally has simplified/more arcadey physics compared to the normal PS4 (and PC VR) editions.
    DiRT Rally PSVR Follow up Impressions - YouTube

    Remember when we all asked if the PS4 was powerful enough to do VR? (keep in mind that I play most PC VR titles on 'Low' GPU settings on my nVidia Titan X)... I guess we have our answer (in terms of AAA driving games - I'm sure the mini-demo's and games made purely for PSVR are fine).

    DRIVECLUB VR reviewed poorly (framerate issues made players sick)
    Project CARS weren't willing to compromise their base game (physics cost) so abandoned PS VR. For Project CARS 2 they have gone on the record as asking Sony to make an exception whereby only the PS4 Pro can play their upcoming title in PSVR (the current requirement is none or both consoles).
    GT Sport are setting expectations low with only certain VR 'experiences' being offered.

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    Yeah it's interesting really isn't it, I guess the tech just isn't there for it to be worthwhile for this generation of console. As with smartwatches etc I'm more than happy to sit back and wait until I feel it's worth involving myself with this latest tech. I'm not the type to play arcade-y games and that does seem to be all it is good for right now.

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    Yup, I agree with TeamVVV on that. I mean I haven't played this on PS VR but it's perfectly clear to me that the physics don't match the physics on the PC version that I play. The graphic limitations I could live with, it doesn't look bad in that video, though obviously not as pretty as non-VR, but it's worth it for a VR type experience. Losing the incredible feel of Dirt Rally's physics on the other hand - it's really the crux of the game. This just seems to be another example of technology hitting consumers before the hardware can handle it.

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    This is something I hate about consoles, they always overestimate and under deliver. It's probably where Nintendo do better than the others as they tend to have their own games run as close to flawless on the hardware that they can. They don't overstretch the visuals so the game looks better but plays worse in parts, they tend to keep at a place where it plays and still looks good.

    Kind of crazy of how we cannot get a solid frame rate and be happy with the visuals because then the game plays smooth, but I guess this is because people are more accustom to great graphics than outstanding playability.

    VR is really for the early adopters right now too, it's not really going to take off until there's no need for wires and the person having to hold sensors in my opinion. See now and again on click how companies are making small steps in detecting hands and fingers so that's looking like 2019/2020 type time. Maybe in time for PS5 and Scorpio 2?
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    I'm sure that most of those who have bought into higher end VR on PC are happy with what they have. Yes of course we can't wait for the improvements v2 will bring, but it's a great start and certainly better than nothing. v2 definitely has to solve those problems in order to appeal to a wider audience - I'm sure many are waiting for reviewers to give a green light to say, 'yes, it's a amazing, go buy it'. They also need to see a long term use scenario for it since it will be priced higher than the Nintendo Wii was. It's a bit like me and smart watches atm. Not suite there yet, and I'm not that desperate to use one.

    Dirt Rally on the Oculus Rift is something you need to work towards (i.e. get used to VR driving on flat, wide circuits first) but if your stomach can handle it the experience of flying down steep hills towards a hairpin on the edge of a cliff and managing to hang on is quite the experience.

    (If Dirt Rally's sim physics can handle PSVR with only one car on track at a time, things aren't looking good for pCARS 2 support imo)
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