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    Default Serious Problem

    Well, yesterday I formatted my PC. But as I was the Hard Disk Partitioning stage I accidentally formatted my External Hard Drive, deleting everything off my external

    So fricking pissed off right now, so much data I have lost from that. Over 100 gig of Downloads/game patches, photos, music, game saves, movies, college work and all my Photoshop work!!!!! All my photoshop work for 3 years! like 5 gig worth of my work! I am really really pissed.

    Also lost my TDU profile. Yes this would now be the 6th time, and this profile was on 80% with me.

    Cod4 profile and other game saves.

    So don't expect any signatures from me in the next few weeks or more, since I've lost all my fonts/brushes/renders/patience!

    Just letting you all know so you don't wonder where your signatures are.

    Please don't bother with any smart arse remarks, just piss me off more, thanks.

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    Want me to hex-edit my TDU profile to get you to the same stage as me? About all I can help you with unfortnately ...

    e: Oh and want me to take over Car Signatures? Or workalong side with someone else like randy /?
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    Life is good. Simples. Cccchhhhh.

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    Is there anyway of recovering it? I knwo some computer shops do stuff like that but not sure how it works.
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    Isn't there a program called ghost or something that recovers anything? No matter what? I don't know but I'm quite sure.

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    Erm, I kinda did something similar to that and i found a program on the web that recovered about 99% of the data. I will have a look to see if i can find what it is called for you.

    When you reformat A drive you don't actually delete the data, you just kinda delete the bit that tells your PC where the data is, so with that piece of info gone your PC thinks it is blank. there are programs that rewrite the source code bit to tell your PC the data is still there. If that makes sense to you.

    EDIT: I found the program, it is called "stellar phoenix". The thing is that it is expensive but there is a way to get it for free, I wont say how as it is against the forum rules i think.
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    That really sucks Max. I feel so bad for you . I don't actually know how the hell you managed to format your external harddrive but that sucks double as much. Hope you get all the data back you lost

    I also know about these programs. I have recovered stuff such as fraps videos I deleted like a year ago so it should work for you

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    This ladies and gentlemen is why you should have 2 HDD's and use RAID1 for your drives.

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    Ouch! Sorry mate, hope you can get one of those programs to get it back *fingers crossed*

    I'll take over the car sigs with Iced for now if you want


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