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    Cool These Games Are Totally FREE to Download -- legit, official and costs nothing

    Getting your hands on some free games is always a good thing especially when they are good games! And you might be surprised to know that a number of the big companies and platforms do put a number of their previous titles up for people to download for absolutely no cost at all. EA have their On the House, Ubisoft gave a bunch away on their Ubisoft Club 30th Anniversary and there is the casual dropping of titles on Humble Bundle that tend to occur at times too.

    So in this thread, the aim is to help get these noticed so that many of you can partake in the snatching of them while they are active.

    This thread is for non-racing and driving types as there is a specific thread already for this and obviously only the squeaky clean examples are what we are wanting here. If there's any grey in the conditions then do not post it.


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    Last I checked Dirt Showdown was free on the Humble Bundle - but only for another 12 or so hours

    Edit: you have a separate thread for this nvm
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    Rockstar classic offered GTA 1 and 2 for download some time ago, it says "The Rockstar Classics free download series is currently unavailable." though.

    Might be worth checking it some other time^^

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    Chivalry is free to add in steam for a while, you should check it out:
    Chivalry: Medieval Warfare on Steam

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    Just letting you know that Mass Effect 2 is no longer free through Origin.


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    Mass Effect 2 through origin is more of a scam lol, you can't really play it without 1, but if you do you still need to buy ME3.
    You can get Origin Access for PC, it is 3,99eur/month and you get:
    -Need For Speed 2015
    -Need For Speed Rivals
    -Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012
    -Battlefield 3 Premium
    -Battlefield 4 Premium
    -Battlefield Hardline
    -Star Wars Battlefront (without any dlc)
    -Fifa 16
    -Dragon Age series
    -Dead Space series
    -Mirror's Edge series
    Even though this thread is about free games, I feel that paying that little for being able to pay those games is almost free.

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    Yeah moved Mass Effect 2 to Expired and put the game Rassva mentioned in now. Checked out the video for it and it looks like a no bad wee game, especially for free.
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