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    Default Greetings and admin request

    Hi all, just acquired TDU2 on a Steam sale for a few bucks and that is what got me here (via Google of course).

    Admin request - I could not register with my desired username - could you change it back to what I wanted please - Devon (it's reported as available). Not sure why I was thought of a possible bot registration when I passed the image test.

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    Hey Devon! Welcome to turboduck

    What are your initial impressions of TDU2, did you used to play TDU1?

    @Diablo will look into changing your username for you, I'm unsure why it wouldn't let you register that name

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    Hi Devon, welcome to the .

    We have a secondary check on the details entered against a spam database and the name you entered has probably been used in the past few months and therefore got flagged up. It's why the message about it asks you to enter extra characters and then post a topic asking for a change if you are a genuine user affected by what is known as a 'false positive'.

    I'll make the change now.
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    Welcome to turboduck, enjoy your stay
    Listen to Mike, I'm definitely not the most super out of all the non-super moderators, just check the username! (;

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    Welcome to the duck, Devon!

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