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    Default Driving around with dOs

    Made this for fun, wanted to share. Enjoy

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    Takes me back to some brilliant times though it is a bit painful watching how much the dodgy roads unsettle and upset the car. Good to see that the RUF is still one of the main picks for the discerning drift muppet. Nice line you both took from the long high-speed straight into the left turn but unfortunately the brakes weren't ones for slowing you down before the next S-bend.

    Enjoyed hearing and seeing the tail trying to step out on you under high revving and at high speeds meaning that you need to be on the alert when pushing these cars to their limit and beyond! The ease in how your F1 LM keeps up with the maxed out RUF is something I remember well too, just gently cruising at 230mph with a gear to spare in a fully-tuned version.

    Was wondering where the obligatory catching of some serious air would make an appearance and there it was. Nice of you to have been turned around facing your mate as he did his leap his faith.

    Cool video. Thanks for sharing!
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    Long time no see, m'lord. Nice car control there too!


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