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    Default Ubisoft Are Giving All The Free Ubi30 Giveaway Games Away This Weekend!!

    Ubisoft must really enjoy being 30 years old as they have just put on an impressive SPECIAL WEEKEND giveaway offer for a very LIMITED time, where you can get yourself 7 games for FREE!!

    Kicking off back in June, Ubisoft generously gave away a free PC game every month as part of their Ubi30 celebrations, and now if you...

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    Just got them. Free games are always welcome.

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    Shame it's just PC games, I'd quite like some of these games to kill time on my PS4 with Nevermind.

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    Worthy of a banner announcement imo

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    If people cannot be bothered to see what is there in front of them that's not my issue.
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    Not an issue of seeing it. I saw it on my mobile but the issue is remembering it when I'm back on PC. Which I did anyway.

    ...but it is your issue if people don't see the banner comp?

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    Indeed. Priorities man. I got them ordered in.
    I'm a bit mental.



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