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    Default Games like TDU?

    Hi! maybe you can help me!! I'm searching a game like TDU for a bad PC, I need an open world game where I can drive (It should have a map as big as the TDU map)


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    As far as I know, there are no games earlier than TDU1 (or can otherwise run better on bad hardware) with a map as large or subjectively good as TDU1.

    That aside, here are a list of games from around that time in no particular order you may wish to investigate:
    Driver: San Francisco
    Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Carbon
    Burnout Paradise
    Race 07, GTR2, rFactor - with very long community-made track mods (some circuits, others point-to-point). i.e. one example is Targa Florio
    Midtown Madness, Midtown Madness 2
    MOTORM4X Offroad
    City Car Driving (Learner driver simulator)

    Hope this helps

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    Hey there Isma, there isn't really any open world games lIke TDU with maps as big as TDU but there are games that have none or the other. Older titles like Midtown Madness, NFS Underground 1/2 and Most Wanted and Burnout Paradise are the ones that come to mind in the open world stakes. As for size though, you really only have FUEL but that setting is more apocalyptic and sparse than urban. You could also lump in the GTA games too but again the size is nothing on par with what TDU offers.

    The only game like TDU in the two aspects is The Crew and Forza Horizon 3 though the latter cannot compare in map size.
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    GTA V.

    Maybe not for a "bad PC", but it's a car game now. Open world, lots of cars, tuning, mods, etc.

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    No one even mentions World Racing 2?

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    Figured we would leave that to the WR2 poster child.
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    WR2 was a great game, especially for a dev like Synetic. But how alive is that scene still? I know Synetic isn't but the modding scene looks kinda quiet now too. That combines with the fact Synetic games weren't always easy to find, especially longer times after the game's release.

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    Cobra11 games have been sold in North America, but I don't know about WR2 though. So, as you said, that probably have made things harder since the game might not have been sold everywhere.

    Regarding the community, both games had (and still have) the main part of it on german places, which is not helpful aswell. Even if you can actually speak english in those places since the admins know english very well, the fact these places are german might tend to keep away people from other countries.

    About the WR2 modding community, we are actually stronger than before, which IMHO is the best thing which could ever happen for the game
    You can check a dear friend's facebook page, he works on both addon cars and tracks, everything which is related to the closed circuit racing "ambient":
    While, there's my FB page too in my signature.

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    Crash Time 2 + 3 (Alarm fur Cobra) were pretty fun for me - just forgot about them. I never played WR2 because those 'better' games were already out and I didn't have the time or desire to try it.

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    Crash Time 4 and Driver: San Francisco are both open-world driving games like TDU2, you should give it a try

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    Yeah that's a good suggestion with DRIVER: San Francisco. It can be cool to just drive around in that game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Compensator »
    GTA V.

    Maybe not for a "bad PC", but it's a car game now. Open world, lots of cars, tuning, mods, etc.
    If You have deep pocket or steel nerves to grind money since the prices are ridiculous

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    As Automotive Gaming said. World Racing 2 with mods is one of the biggest racing game available on PC. Works on low spec PC's, a lot of cars,tracks and other stuff to download.
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    Any recommended WR2 mods?

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    Euro Truck Simulator 2.

    Huge map, as long as you like driving trucks. There are mods that add cars, but they're a bit rubbish and just drive like small trucks.

    If you get a couple of the expansion DLCs (I think Going East and Scandanavia), you can then install a community-made mod called ProMods, which makes the map absolutely enormous, and even includes Iceland!

    There's even a multiplayer mod available, which is amusing (if somewhat chaotic).


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