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    Default Rockstar Drop Massive Hint of Sequel to Red Dead Redemption Like It Was Nothing

    Rockstar are the undisputed kings of the 'drop it and leave' tease with their titles, usually by the simple means of just a single image of the Rockstar logo itself in certain colours or style or with an update to their main website with the same imagery.

    And on this Sunday which is meant to be a day of...

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    One of the best games I ever played, mechanics were a bit stiff in places but the living world, environment and story made for one hell of a game. Cannot wait to see this running on current-gen systems and perhaps even the PC this time.
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    One of my favourite games ever. I'm foaming at the mouth just at the thought of a sequel..

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    And another one. This is less subtle and shows 7 characters. I'm not sure if I am thinking one of those hats looks familiar to the character at the end of RDR.

    *no spoilers please*

    Seen it mentioned too that Rockstar tend to do their main info drops at 3PM GMT+1 so the next 12mins could well be worth watching. Unless they aim to pad this out over the week with the reveal at the end.

    Red Dead Retribution could be the name too, someone found a mention of it on the official website hidden in CSS style declarations. Nope!
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    OH WELL,
    I'll just go and cry now
    you failed me rockstar

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    All aboard the hype train!
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    A whole year to wait >.<

    Then what, 2 years of RDR before the next GTA is even discussed? GTA VI in 2023?

    That said, I am very excited about this I'd quite like to play RDR again, been years since I played it and I can't remember the story.

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    Very excited for this, used to play RDR at my cousins place when we used to go and stay, but never got around to getting a copy for myself until yesterday haha, but enjoying it just as much as I used to!


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    Wooooo, can't wait for the trailer to drop

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    We seem to have forgotten to post the trailer since thursday but here it is:

    Why u make us wait a year R*

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