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    Cool MikyMouse is finally on TDU2

    My name is Mike or Michal, at the time of writing this I am 15, 16 in five months, been playing TDU2 a lot. At the start of course I had the pirated game as any person would however after starting to like it, I brought it even tho people said "SERVERS CLOSED", look at that lalalalalalalala. Servers Open, No lag... 4 YEARS AFTER THE COMPANY DIES. Only Question that lies now is "How long will the servers last?" "Who pays for the servers?" this is why I'm one of those people who would say no to people who invent/make hacks/mods to turn cars/DLC from AT to in game money, as it makes me feel like the AT (Atari Tokens) we spend, keep the servers alive.

    Will admit, have a lot of mods and hacks such as Engine On/Off, All server neon mods and some others, but my progression is as they say legit.

    Love the game, keep the good mods up and cant wait for another unofficial update 0.5 if there ever will be one


    P.S: Yes turboduck, you own my teeth

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    I was wondering how a Micky Mouse mod for TDU2 would work when I saw the title


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    Hey there Mike(2 (there is a Mike on our staff too(he is also called Myk though)))(so many brackets - why?) and welcome to the and thanks for letting us know you are 15 years and 7 months old. It's funny thinking that the age you are now was around the same as many of our longtime members here and now they have (somewhat) matured and went on to drinking and better things.

    I'd be careful on your language, we don't like to see the sweary stuff here as all ages visit so keep an eye on that please. The game is a bit of a yo-yo in terms of being online anyway so will anyone notice when it does go down for good or will they just think 'this is the longest downtime ever?'

    Great to have you and nice one on noticing our little easter egg type thing in the terms.
    I'm a bit mental.


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