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    To celebrate the new DLC because AMGAMGAMG...

    Definitely how I'd want this:

    Because Toyota/Subaru could have done more with this:

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    Needs to be solarbeam yellow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CLR-GTR »
    Heh, been a while since I've watched Mythbusters

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    Best episode evar!

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    After a 4.43 GB DLC download, another 4.25 GB game update download, and a 375 MB GPU driver download... it finally works. Nice views during the 'intro'. Last two pics were made with very low exposure to mimic night-time, but in a few minutes I found out the game looks like that anyway so I could have saved myself the effort :/

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    I got tired of all the NEW labels in the garage so I decided to take a look at some of the cars I didn't view and tune yet. For the Renault 5, there were some very interesting bodykit combinations possible, and that made me go for a bit of a vintage racecar look. Drives very funny too, bit of a handful at times but so quick. To complete the look of an old racecar, I made this livery.

    And I got the Insurgent (or Terradyne Gurkey or whatever)... I tuned it fully with engineswaps and had to change gear ratios to make it do 0-10 (ten) km/h in under 5 seconds. Then I decided I got tired of the standard engine sounds and I went back to the heavy-sounding stock engine. That one tuned still drives pretty well

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    Nice work on the 5, really suits that livery (what doesn't really?)
    I'm a bit mental.

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    Thanks D. I'm slowly getting used to how to use the livery editor/creator thing, also made my own Caterpillar skin for the Holden V8 supercar and some Audi Sport DTM insipired livery for the S1 Quattro rally car.

    Here's my Aston Vantage, I've gotten so sick of seeing it slip through my hands in the wheelspins so often that I almost bought it... until I actually did win it . Although it's not really visible on the pictures, I went for a 90's two-tone paintjob with a dark main color and light silver sideskirts and front bumper lip. Also added some TWINTURBO writings here and there in the attempt of making it look like a test vehicle for such a setup (and it's tuned to have turbo's ) Ofcourse the game sometimes spawns interesting AI vehicles, and in this case it thought the R390 and XJ220 were perfect for twisty snowy paths with steep gradients (the large jump just east of the exit of the festival site). The Jag needed 30 seconds to get up there

    Again a color change for the E63, this time something a bit like Merc's designo Mauritius Blue, a special strong blue color which is quite rare. Wheels were made a bit darker than normal as well. And to make up for snowman massacre in the Bucket List challenge and one of the recent Forzathon's, I decided to include them in a few pictures

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    The only 2 hot things in Blizzard Mountain... Too bad the running boards can't be painted.

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    Triple post with a classic M5:

    Bowler on the highway. I misread a post on the Daredevil challenge so I thought the Bowler was one of the valid vehicles to do it with. Luckilly it wasn't and I had to redo it all in a Nissan...

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