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    Cool Think you know your cars? Try out these quizzes and see if you're right!

    In this thread we post links to quizzes on the internet that are geared towards your typical car fanatic and enthusiast. Some will be easy and others will be more difficult. Try not to use Google and co to help you out too much as it distorts your actual result.

    Latest added at top: (not necessarily the newest)

    After testing your knowledge with what you know about the headlights on the front of car, this time it's time to jump to the back and see how well you know your pipes! It's all about which exhaust belongs to what in this one!

    Can you name all these rare Porsches for sale? | Top Gear

    11/13 - go slow or you can make at least one stupid mistake like I did.

    Exhaust quiz: Can you guess all of these cars? | Classic and Performance Car

    7/10 AGAIN! – I am Mr slightly above average!

    Gone but not forgotten. Pop-up headlights were featured on some truly iconic cars and this quiz will show if you remember them.

    Cars with pop-up headlights: Can you name them all? | Classic and Performance Car

    10/10 yeah! Got lucky on 2 for sure. Was a 50/50 choice and went the right way fortunately.

    You have got to be kidding me with some of these, *ach* so bad. Anyway see how you do in working out what curves, motorsport gubbins and markings are from what car.

    Special edition cars: can you name them all? | Classic and Performance Car

    5/10 I will readily but ashamedly admit to getting.

    A fairly easy one this one though there may be a few that you might trip up on.

    How many of these supercars can you identify? | Classic and Performance Car


    This had Hard in brackets for a reason as think before you click. Very cleverly put together though some of the image give a few away if you look for the obvious signs.

    Supercar quiz: Can you name all of these supercars? (Hard) | Classic and Performance Car

    9/12 with this one at my end.

    To be honest the C&PC site puts together some damn fine car quizzes and here is another one where it's all about what car is the R badge on. I'll be very impressed if you nail this one.

    Can you identify these cars from the R badge? | Classic and Performance Car

    5/10 but should have been another 7/10. ALWAYS GO WITH YOUR GUT!!

    Another taxing little quiz from Classic & Performance Car. This time they want you to guess the cars from the vent scoop or air duct.

    QUIZ: Can you name the car from the vent, scoop or duct? | Classic and Performance Car

    I got 7/10 again! Glad to have nailed #7 though.

    Awesome little quiz by Classic & Performance Car where they show you 10 images of rear wings from cars of many guises and you need to select the answer. The verification is immediate too, so as you make your choice you will know if you were right or not. It's a tricky set too and I will be mighty impressed if many of you get a clean sweep without cheating.

    Rear wing quiz: can you identify these cars? | Classic and Performance Car

    I got 7/10 but on 2 the right answer was the other one I was deciding between.
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    10/10 Seemed rather easy .
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    Well sir I doff my cap to you as I thought 3 were especially a tricky choice between 2 of the options.

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    9/10, Only one that I got wrong was the mini, opted for the GP II instead of the GP


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    Yeah that was one that got me too.

    It was the Scooby and the Renault that tripped me up. I was going to go for the 22B too but felt it looked newer and ignored my gut.
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    Number 5 was what got me. Oh well.
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    As I see I'm not the only one who choose incorrect answer in question 5 :P
    My result: 7/10
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    Quote Originally Posted by F12Berlinetta »
    My result: 7/10
    fellow SEVEN'er
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    10/10 The colourschemes on things like the GT3 RS 4.0 give a bit of a clue as to what model it is.

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    7/10 but some of the taillights made it easier (is that cheating?)

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    great looking car! I'm not a fan of most 911s that came after this one

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    EDIT: 9/10. #5 got me, too.

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    6. Nailed it. NAILED IT GUYS.
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    9/10 clicked the wrong answer in the countach wing, The mini one was a shot in the dark.

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    Changed this thread to be a general car quiz thread and added another good one from Classic & Performance Car. Feel free to post your own and we will add them to the OP for easy finding.

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    I like this thread Got 9/10 from the rear wing one, that was fairly easy though as you can see plenty of the cars they're attached to though
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    So far I've gotten 4/10 on the exhausts and 9/10 on the pop up headlights. More difficult than I thought it'd be, I'll continue with the others later.

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    Added a good one from Top Gear.
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    13/13 too easy


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