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    Default Not so much an introduction, but more of a reintroduction...

    First things first, wow, this place isn't called TDU Central anymore.
    I'm sure none of you remember me, but I joined this site back in 2009 as a snotty sarcastic and frankly embarrassing 12 year old, when I got my first PC and was able to play TDU on it on the minimum settings. Yes, I read through old posts and messages, and god it hurt to read.
    Years later as a 19 year old I finally got a new PC, one that can actually play decent games on it, I went to register on this site and it told me I already had, and I was confused!
    So now I'm back, playing TDU on this PC and loving every minute of the amazing things this community has done to keep this game alive.
    I would never have dreamed of the likes of Project Paradise and adding new slots and things to the TDU I used to play.
    Thanks for reading, and if you do remember me from before, please un-remember me!
    "TDU... TDU always changes."

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    Welcome back glad to see you have rediscovered us.

    Absolutely the most super of all the non-super moderators Your friendly community moderator.

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    Woah! I do remember you Welcome back tomo!

    Naturally Hans is wet, hes standing under a waterfall.

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    That little thing doesn't have a 427 V8, does it?

    Sup, m8.

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    Thanks guys!
    Nope, I've two Mk2 Golfs, neither with a 427 V8 unfortunately
    "TDU... TDU always changes."



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