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    Default The Crew will be FREE as part of the Ubisoft 30th Anniversary Celebrations

    Ubisoft have revealed that as part of their 30th Anniversary celebration, The Crew will be available to download for FREE from September 14th. The massive and open online racer is the first game from Ivory Tower that is staffed by many of the former team who made the Test Drive Unlimited games and other great names of racing.


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    Finally the correct price to try (beta saved me from buy).. have to buy bigger SSD though. (mirrors still borked I assume).
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    This is now available to anyone with a Uplay account so if you don't already have it, go and get it and see what you think. You never know you might just like it.

    The Crew is FREE for PC until October 11th | turboduck
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    Just got it. Not sure if my laptop will be able to run it though.

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    Default This is Your LAST Day to get The Crew for FREE on PC

    The Crew is STILL free right now but this is your last chance to get it before the Ubi30 offer finishes!!

    If you haven't already nabbed your copy then you really should, even if you have other games at the moment, The Crew is a game that is great for jumping on and passing anything from 15 mins to...

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    I've uninstalled it, lol. Thought I'd enjoy it more.


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