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    Those things were frustrating (but expected playing with Europe) but it added to the challenge which was fun. Driving behind someone for 7 seconds to bust them is the total opposite. I don't recall having the same issues on those other occasions where I took photos but not recordings.

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    I agree that the busting mechanic should be something more challenging and worthy of it than what's been seen so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RobikV3 »
    And igonoring what the playerbase actually wants...
    .. like 2/3 - halving all lane widths.. what else?
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    Default The Crew 'Calling All Units' Keys Are Up For Grabs in Latest Community Challenge

    Players of The Crew can get themselves in with a chance of winning a 'Calling All Units' expansion key with the latest Community Challenge to go live in the game.

    Open to all players and platforms from November 16th - 22nd, the Los Angeles based 'Fake Out' challenge will pit them against a prison bus that is accompanied with...

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    I purchased this expansion in the steam winter sales. Now treating this game as 100% arcade and using the gamepad instead of a wheel (although still using hardcore mode), the new chase mode is pretty fun, and the core gameplay mechanics are well executed. I find it to be a proper pick-up and play alternative to Rocket League for killing 30-60 minutes now.

    Nevertheless, and many steam reviews echo this, I just can't see the value for money. There might be quite a number of police vehicles, but with only one cop shop and about 7 slots with high prices, it could take ages before you get a chance to buy the one you want. The extra story missions are over very quickly and do not offer anything that unique over the original (which already had harder chase + takedown missions). It is good that all players can 'be chased' without the DLC, but if you really want to chase others, there's nothing to stop you spending $0 and trying to stop the player with a non-police car - you just wouldn't have any "abilities" that effect the escaping player.

    The 'crates' progress appears to be reset each day. If you're good, go straight for the Platinum ones - the distance is a bit longer but I don't find it that much harder to escape. It's a good way to quickly level up a car as well.

    If you don't mind the handling, try out the 'being chased' side for free. If you like the mode and really want to try chasing others in a proper police car, get the DLC when you think the price is reasonable. I'd suggest ~$15 AUD as reasonable - you're probably never going to get to use all the new cars. You still require a good $400,000 in game credits to buy the various spec police cars (Dirt, Performance, Raid, Circuit) to complete the approx. 10 missions. Once they are done you'll probably only ever use your fastest Circuit and Raid police vehicles.
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    I wont be paying anything to Ubisoft for rushed, unfinished and downgraded games. Also the fact that Zoe tells you to go and pick your free car and you have to buy the dlc for it. lol
    The Crew is a game which you buy and then you have to spent additional cash on a nice car since the game gives you little cash, then it makes some dlc which you have to buy. After that they say they'll give the game and all of the stuff released for it for free, but then you find out it's just the game. Lost my faith in Ubi

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    One thing you do have to give them though, is back when they polled the community, we asked for larger expansion packs rather than traditional DLC, which they have delivered. Sure, not as large and a bit overpriced, and abilities just make it easier to escape police chases now imo.

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    People really don't like the light bars on the pursuit cars it seems. Keep seeing referencing to the announcement video with the Koenigsegg as to how it 'should have been'.
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    LOL finally they did something with this game... oh nevermind :P

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