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    Yeah, there's a few unknown, not-yet announced cars. 2016 BMW (probably M2) XE-S, "unknown" Aston, Holden, Juke Nismo RS, etc.

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    Maybe this was already brought up considering it's news of the Garage Week 6 announcement but for whoever missed it:

    Quote Originally Posted by AR12Gaming
    You’ve probably noticed how Volkswagen isn’t featured on the above list. Well, we were told last week that the German automaker would not be featured in the game at launch. Speaking to AR12Gaming at a behind-closed-doors demo during Gamescom 2016, Playground Games creative director Ralph Fulton revealed the news – and he isn’t happy about it.

    “I’ll be honest with you, there’s no Volkswagen in Forza Horizon 3,” he confirmed. “I can’t talk about it, but I’m sufficed to say I’m not happy about it – it’s not going to be in the game.”

    We also asked about Porsche, but Fulton had “no news to share.” It seems likely that the EA-exclusive manufacturer could appear in the game as post-launch downloadable content, as we’ve seen with Forza Horizon 2 and Forza Motorsport 6. Porsche has already been confirmed for Assetto Corsa in the form of three expansion packs, and will also be coming to Project CARS sometime down the road.

    There’s also a chance that Porsche or Volkswagen could show up in Forzathon Challenges, which Fulton also revealed to us during Gamescom last week. He confirmed that the long-awaited Nissan S14 will be obtainable through a Forzathon event in October, along with a classic Maserati. There will also be a “literally incredible prize, vehicle not driveable in Forza before” to earn at the end of the month.

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