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    Default Millionaire's Meet!

    been thinking we should have a meet at say a club on the island just for millionaires and there supercars get some photos check out each others cars then go at for a cruise.

    i was thinking friday night or saturday afternoon.


    1 no stupid driving at silly speeds

    2 no ramming

    3 keep a safe distance

    4 only open up the taps when on a clear bit of straight road

    5 just supercars such as ferraris lambos porsches etc

    6 stopping at traffic lights

    7 no breaking the law well maybe a little bit just speeding

    8 cannot enter in a car if someone has already chose it.

    i will signal when to stop at a red light.

    then stop of somewere at say a dealership get some photos and then maybe drive to the track and have a track day.


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    Woz a few friendly pointers for you if you want to organise a cruise (I've done quite a few in my time in TDU)

    Suggest a date/time for the event
    Put a list of 1. to 8. and ask people to put their names down if theyre up for it
    as to your rules ... generally a good idea but a few flaws ... ramming more often then not happens because people on a cruise out brake each other, crash into traffic or have a laggy connection ... and if you're going to use the lights someone needs to call the colour as they aren't synchronised for everyone on the session

    Oh and organise a meeting location in a quiet part of the map ... it's hell otherwise

    But most of all Have Fun
    I'd rather be topless !

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    sorry hybrid havent organized one for what must be a year now new id forget a few things.

    i just wanted to see if i could get anyone interested first

    i will edit the first post now

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    im in

    METALHEADSTANY(saleen s7)

    just give me a tim a date and a place to meet and ill be there

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    you can put me down for this i like these kinda cruises no stupid stuff just a load of fun

    ReFleX R32 : maclaren f1 gtr

    just a time and date of the meet i need

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    This is over a month old so i don't think this cruise is happening and if it is it has more than likely already taken place.
    Another insightful post by Baldy!!

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