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    Default Top 10 Most Iconic Supercars


    The organisers of this year’s Fast Car Festival at Donnington Park commissioned a Survey into the top 10 most iconic supercars of all time and came up with this list:

    10. Jaguar XJ220

    9. Audi R8

    8. Ferrari Enzo

    7. Pagani Zonda

    6. Porsche 911

    5. Koenigsegg (doesn't specify which one)

    4. Mclaren F1

    3. Ferrari LaFerrari

    2. Alfa Romeo 8C

    1. Ferrari F40

    I'm not sure I agree with some of this list, there are some random ones like the 8C, and cars like the Miura are missing in action.

    What would your top 10 list be?

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    Not sure about the 911. It's great. It's quick. Just not quite exotic enough for me to call it a supercar. Maybe even a little too common.

    The 8C may look amazing but it performed terribly so how it is so far up the list (let alone on it) is a mystery to me.

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    I would have considered the Veyron an iconic supercar. I mean it was mind-blowing when it first released. Not sure I'd have the R8 on there either, but maybe that's just because I don't like it

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    R8 & LaFerrari? Also the 8C? Really?
    The R8 is popular & well liked, yes. But Iconic?
    The LaFerrari, yes it's Ferrari's lalalala car for the 2010's. First to have hybrid gibbins, etc but I would't call iconic myself.
    The 8C? Look's fantastic, but other than that it's a bit meh. Not a car everyone remembers.

    Surely the likes of the 300SL, Miura and Corvette are better suited?

    I'll come up with my list 'Soon'.
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    I agree about the LaFerrari I was rather surprised it was there, it feels like more people getting caught up with the hype surrounding the car than it actually being iconic, I'd think the Carrera GT is a more worthy 'hypercar', as is the Veyron like Scott said.

    The LaFerrari hasn't been around long enough to be deemed iconic just yet imo.

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    No Miura? No 300SL? And why the R8, 8C and 911? Definitely a malfunctioning list imo. The latter 3 are GT's/sportscars, but not supercars imo. Supercars should be among the best available in their time. For a 911 that would have to be a GT RS GT3 GT2 GT1 whatever thing. 8C's just a GT and the R8 perhaps on the edge considering it's a Gallardo in business suit.

    EDIT: m list:

    Bugatti Veyron (because you can't ignore the fact they made an easy to drive comfortable 400km/h machine)
    Ferrari F40 (what can you say? it's a legendary car)
    Jaguar XJ220 (when Jaguar acted like Ubisoft in pulling features from a new concept car, but the XJ220 still remains high on my list of supercars, being one of the 90's legends)
    Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary (so extreme, so non-Audi, just perfect)
    Lamborghini Miura (once again, it's a Lambo, and it was at the top of the offer in its days, just like the 300SL credited as perhaps the first true supercar)
    McLaren F1 (production car v-max record holder till the Veyron I think, a 3 seater, yea this was very special)
    Mercedes CLK-GTR (at its time the most expensive car for sale, and it's an actual racecar, just with leather pads across the interior)
    Mercedes 300SL (see F40 description)
    Pagani Zonda (any of em, just really bizarre machines made because there were materials to do so and one guy wanted to, no silly business case analyses or whatever and no style that has to satisfy 90% of the people on earth)
    Porsche Carrera GT (for some reason I just find this one way more interesting than the 918 and I think it will hold/increase value better, but that's all guessing)

    Honorable mentions:
    Bugatti EB110 GT
    Ferrari F50
    Ford GT
    Porsche 959
    Porsche 911 GT1
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    I think the Murcielago is on the same level as the F50 and EB110 for being iconic and important for the time. What cars were around in 2001? The Murcielago was amazing at the time.

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    Really La Ferrari and and 8C higher than F1?

    What is 8C even doing in there? Its a nice car but its not legendary nor revolutionary in any way.

    I agree Veyron should be up there, even though im not the biggest fan of it, still a ground breaking car.

    And last Nissan GTR anyone? What Nissan achieved with it is nothing less than amazing, V6 600ish horses and its faster than many cars with a lot more hp, definitely deserves a place on the list

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    Some good points How would your top 10 go then, Robik?

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    LaFerrari...what? Nah. Murcielago really should've been there. No Aston Martins either? Also the R8 lol #goals if you're a 12 year old girl.. lol. Porsche's are iconic, but they should've gone with a specific year, '70 something. The 8C idk, maybe yeah, maybe no, in my opinion definitely no. I would've put an E-Type or 300sl in that list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by #Myk2016 »
    Some good points How would your top 10 go then, Robik?
    Forgot to reply to this thread lel

    Mine would besically heavily biased towards my favourite cars lol, idk honestly i havent watched like older TGs or anything so...

    But for sure Mclaren F1 would be the at the top, I mean come on its held top speed record for so long, and Im pretty sure its still the faster NA car on this planet, and overall its just unique the 3 seat layout and all that.

    Second Ferrari F40 most iconic Ferrari and one of the best analogue cars like the F1.

    Third would have to be the Veyron the technology around it and the first car to break 400kmh top speed and 0-100kmh under 3 seconds, and those are 3 cars I can justify rest would have to do a lot of thinking

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    Woah now, come on. This is why democracy does not work! j/k

    It's all relative to what you know I guess, those of who enjoy cars and no more than just 'that's a Ferrari... I think' will have a top 10 that is more expected and is full of the ultimates in this areas. However it will not be fully agreed upon that it is in fact the top 10. There will always be those who would have X instead of Y and something higher or lower up the list.

    For me when I think of the top 10 though (in no real order):

    * Mercedes 300 SL Coupe
    * Lamborghini Miura
    * Ford GT
    * Ferrari F40
    * Lamborghini Countach
    * Pagani Zonda (F)
    * McLaren F1
    * Porsche 911
    * Koenigsegg Agera
    * Bugatti Veyron
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