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    Default Forza 6 Time Attack League (Week 24)

    What's this about?

    Think of it as turboduck's own Rivals, but with some proper rivalry in the community.

    The Rules:

    • You must use the car (or a car that meets the restrictions) and track chosen by the previous winner.
    • Tuning/Setups are allowed this week.
    • Dirty laps do not count, stay off the lawn kids.
    • Laps do not have to be from a standing start (flying laps count).
    • If you already have a faster lap recorded outside of the competition, this does not count, you must record another and take a picture for proof. Banana for scale.
    • If you win, don't forget to chose a car/track for the next week before Monday!
    • Make sure to do your times in RIVALS (or free play), they will not be recorded in test drive.
    • The time attack ends Saturday at 23:59 GMT and the winner has 24 hours to choose, then it defaults to the person in second if no choice is made.

    Cars: Ford versus Nissan down under
    PI S800
    1987 Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500
    1993 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec

    Track: Bathurst
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    Naturally Hans is wet, hes standing under a waterfall.

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    Messed up the year on the Nissan, 1993. Doing my first run with the Ford now

    The Ford was quite horrifying and overpowered to reach 800 index, suggesting a drop to 700. Or let that gurutuner Camel try it in S-spec, and the rest can take Skylines ^^
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    2.23.285 in a Cossie

    By Jeremy Clarkson:
    A turbo: exhaust gasses go into the turbocharger and spin it, witchcraft happens and you go faster.
    Uplay: PTdumptruck

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    Times have been set. I think you should leave me with a challenge if I get time at some point this week.

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    Did a bunch of times around 2:20:090-2:20:020 and thought I would improve with some setup changes but never got better. Obviously a Volvo 123 GT must be the car to beat since I got it down to 2:17 with the Swedish steel


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