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    Exclamation Le Mans 24H Safety Car performs a quality drift in the very wet.

    The driver of this Le Mans 24H safety car shows why red flagging the session was a very good idea, when he had to keep control of the Audi R8 he was driving in the pouring wet rain after the rear of the car stepped out. Becoming an instant hero due to the control and quality of the drift he performed, it is evident that the pilots of these race control vehicles are clearly sometimes worthy of a seat of the cars that properly run on the track.

    Well done Yannick Dalmas. You won the internets today!

    Official WEC twitter also has a small clip of the moment.

    -- update --

    The FIA WEC have also posted the video on their YouTube channel.
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    That is some brilliant control, dayum it's not even a slight drift he got a decent amount of angle

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    Especially in a 4WD car He's not exactly in a V8 F-Type haha, very impressive indeed.

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    I imagine if it was RWD mate it would not have gone so well. You see how often touring car drivers are unable to save those things when they reach a certain point before they're facing the other way.
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    Props to him that quite a slide there

    And man LM 2016 tomorrow I cant believe how fast the time flies

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    That was great how he kept such a big angle for so long and so consistently.

    Bet he needed a change of trousers after that though!


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