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    FH3 really is lacking progression, if it was more like FH1 id be okay with that, as for paid DLC's im okay with them as long as theyre properly priced, and not completely overpriced like for example The Crew DLCs.

    20 bucks for DLC really isnt that much even if i have to multiply that by four to my currency.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobikV3 »
    20 bucks for DLC really isnt that much even if i have to multiply that by four to my currency.
    Worse is having to multiply by 16...

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    The entire "you build the festival thing" ruins the progr ssion. It means you start out wealthy, have the abilty to get stuff free from the start. Realistic for the situation, but not that fun IMO. FH3 has the most boring career mode ever; I had a 50 car collection, including cars like the new Ford GT etc, even a Horizon Edition, in 2-3 days. I also got the feeling that grinding towards buying a 500k ish car was a bit time consuming, but totally not difficult. It fits the nature of you're the boss. But that was a properly crap idea.

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