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    Default F1 2016 - Monaco

    It's almost time for race number 6 of the season in Monaco, home of the galmourous, Myk, obscenely and somewhat illegitimately rich.

    Will it be back to business as usual with Mercedes(Rosberg) winning the race from the front as Hamilton faulters. Or will Hamilton pull it out of the bag and win his first race of the season as he was mighty on FP1 getting up to speed much quicker than anyone else. Or will Red Bull be able to take on Mercedes in a battle for first in Quali or the race?

    One thing is for sure, it's either going to be an incredibly dull race or an action packed race full of incidents and possibly some big shocks.

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    Hero to zero.

    Well done Ricc, rather happy to see him on pole.

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    It turns out I can guess at the future! Well done to Ricciardo, he's the 2nd person on my list of drivers I want to win/get pole.

    Mercedes at it again breaking the cars with Hamiltons being the more broken as is the norm so far this season. Doh.

    With a chance of rain, what does the race have in store for us?

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    Did not see this result happening but I can't help but feel sorry for Ricciardo. He's got to be the happiest, nicest guy in F1 right now and he keeps getting let down by RB.

    But what a great race from start (after the safety car that is) to finish. How some of the drivers made the ultra soft tyres last 50 laps I do not know.

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    Meh because Verstappen failed, he had some great overtakes. Hamilton pulled a dirty move, the tires didn't work as they should. Kimi crashed and went for ice cream. Some team mate action in an obscure team that soon might go bankrupt happened, both retired. Redbull was a bit of a dissapointment. Alonso finished on 5th, that's nice. It's been a nice race even though the result isn't too pleasing.

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    Ricciardo ain't a happy man, this picture sums it up:

    Although he blaims his team, forcing him to do that disastrous pit stop, ofcourse that move of Hamilton wasn't nice either. :/

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    Some people said the other week that what happened between Hamilton and Rosberg was just racing.

    So is this not the same? No damage done and there was a cars width between Hamilton and Ricciardo, albeit on a dirty and wet section of the track. Onboard it looked tight but a replay shown later on in the race showed that there was just about enough space there.

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