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    Default Question for a friend

    Hey guys i'm asking this question on behalf of a friend...who can NEVER not cheat for a game. So as usual he downloads a trainer for TDU and uses it for singleplayer. BUT he finds singleplayer to uh....single and wants to have more fun with actual players. So he ask me to post this question

    Are trainers allowed on multiplayer servers and are they a bannable offence online?

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    No. Not allowed.

    Yes, he would probably be banned if that ever actually happened. We could use him as a test subject I suppose....

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    haha i dont think he'll like that

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    The anticheat system serverside has been updated not too long ago and looking around some of the usual loser hangouts it appears to be taking a lot of them by surprise and keeping them off the game or crashing them randomly so if he wants to try it then go for it but I certainly wouldn't recommend it unless he loves the Single Player.
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    Where exactly are these loser hangouts ? Are you not at liberty to say
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    I've seen people use trainers online. F class cars rocketing by A class cars at super speed, Cars jumping several hundred meters into the air from a standstill etc.

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    Once, somebody beat me (in a drag race type scenario) with a Pontiac GTO when I was in a tuned Lambo Gallardo Spyder. But that wasn't because of a trainer.

    It's because I suck!!!
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