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    Default Need a little Help

    Hello guys, I was bored the other day so I decided to explore all the roads for more races. Then I unlocked an achievement saying I discovered all the roads...blah...blah...and I got a free house as a gift. Well so far so good, but then later on, I came to purchase a new house. Well still, things are looking bright. Until I purchased another car, it was transferred to the house that was given as a gift, which now I have no idea how to move it to the house I recently purchased. Is there any way to maybe set a certain house as default lets say when you purchase a car? Or maybe a way to sell that house coz I dont even like it. Please help me out, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    sorry to tell you the bad news but the cars automatically fill up your houses ... might be in the order you bought them ... never checked to tell the truth.

    the only way to organise your vehicles is to literally fill them all up with vehicles and then you can swap them in the garage when you pull up th full vehicle list ... this works until you drive from one house to another and then take a car from that garage ... and the car you were driving stays in the new garage (I think)

    basically I gave up organising my car collection ages ago ... here's hoping TDU2 fixes this as all it requires is another variable on the car/house ... you don't need a rocket scientist to program that bit of code
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    I think it does place cars in the last bought garage, but sometime I've also experienced complete random placing too.

    It is possible to retain some kind of order in your garages, but you just have to spend the time swapping cars around. Then whenever you switch a car, always take the one your driving back to its garage and select your new car form the 'list' there.
    It works 99% of the time.

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    yes but you can't have a 'free' space in garages which is the annoying thing ... means you can't easily make car collections in houses for example when you have 3 cars by 1 company and you want to put only them in a 4 car house
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    That's the tricky bit, you have to balance your houses too.
    I have had to sell a few houses in order to help get the right cars into certain garages. Its fiddly, but hey it makes my cars alot easier to find in the long run


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