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    Default Forza 6 Time Attack League (Week 19)

    What's this about?

    Think of it as turboduck's own Rivals, but with some proper rivalry in the community.

    The Rules:

    • You must use the car (or a car that meets the restrictions) and track chosen by the previous winner.
    • Tuning/Setups are NOT allowed this week.
    • Dirty laps do not count, stay off the lawn kids.
    • Laps do not have to be from a standing start (flying laps count).
    • If you already have a faster lap recorded outside of the competition, this does not count, you must record another and take a picture for proof. Banana for scale.
    • If you win, don't forget to chose a car/track for the next week before Monday!
    • Make sure to do your times in RIVALS (or free play), they will not be recorded in test drive.
    • The time attack ends Saturday at 23:59 GMT and the winner has 24 hours to choose, then it defaults to the person in second if no choice is made.

    Car: Ferrari F40 Stock
    Track: Daytona 24H Night

    Driver ​Time
    Camel 1:54.216
    Ozzmcom 1:57.011
    ViralBunny 1:59.143
    carlos_69 2:04.527
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    Should be fun

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    Updated OP to look like the previous time attacks. I take it setups are not allowed as well?

    Should be a fun one. Loved the F40 in Forza 4 but haven't driven it in 6 yet.

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    No seups either, don't want my first challenge to be camelfriendly

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    I still win with stock cars and no tuning.

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    unless they fix the track boundaries (which will be never) that was my last time attack attempt.

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    it's me or the F40 is a bit understeery?

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    The F40 seems alright to me and I've not had any issues with the track boundaries for a change. Just have to stay away from the run off. I did see on the first proper hairpin that you were running slightly off track on the exit Ozz. Looks like part of the track but there's a thick whiteline. Other than that and the first corner I didn't have any dirty markers apart from when I crashed into walls...

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    I'll give it Another go Before going away on a 24h booze Cruise. Slightly intoxicated, medicated and loose. Should be fun tearing around in a F40

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