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    Default Scotty reporting for duty

    Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 1, 2....

    Hi fellow ducklings! How is the water over here?

    I would like to introduce myself: my name is Scott, I am 37 years old and yes, I am from Scotland.
    I have known you since I played TDU back in 2007/2008. But then it didn't exist as Turboduck. I really loved TDU till they cut off the servers.
    I have seen and tried TDU 2 for a while, but that was just an very bad experience.

    My main hobby is my work actually: computing and putting codes together. But I also love to make 3d models and to drive my Ford Focus RS.
    Maybe I could drop some photos of her in your pond so you can see how she looks.

    Again it's a honor to be here, and you will be hearing from me in the very near future... :-)


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    It's an honor to have you here, Scotty from Scotland. Hopefully you bring more power with you.

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    Hey Scott, Welcome to TDUCK!

    I look forward to seeing pics of your Focus RS

    Absolutely the most super of all the non-super moderators Your friendly community moderator.

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    Hello and welcome.

    The big question is, is it North or South Scotland your from?
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    I did a 1100 mile round trip to get drunk and push cars out of a muddy field, 10/10 would do again
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    Hello Scottish Scott, I'm not Scottish Scott.

    Make sure you watch out for the squirrel mafia, don't get lost in the circle room, and be wary of the Camel. You don't want to see him take the hump.

    Naturally Hans is wet, he’s standing under a waterfall.

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    Hiya and welcome

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    I want all your teeth.

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    Hey Scotty and welcome!
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    I expected this thread to be about needing more POWER!

    How I was pleasantly surprised. Most pleasantly indeed.

    Anywho, welcome to our Ducky and pleasant lands. We're sure you'll have a horrifically good time here .

    Teeth on the teeth please.

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    Thank you all for the warm welcome! I am really touched...
    Anyways, I am sure we'll be having a lot of fun together...

    born & raised in Stoney, now livin' & workin' in Edinburgh...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scotty79 »

    I have seen and tried TDU 2 for a while, but that was just an very bad experience.
    like him already


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