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    Default Hi

    I'm new to TDU2, a friend has been trying to get me to play for ages now and finally I've decide to give it a try and get a copy for myself,
    But I'm having problems and I don't know what to do, every time I try to sign up for on-line I get told I cannot as the severs are unavailable,
    My friends says they see new people in game all the time but still I cannot connect,
    I have tried writing to support on the main site, but that just leads me to an error page.
    So I don't know what to do beside ask on here for some help.

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    The official website and servers are a bit... dodgy, since Eden closed down. I'm not sure how you would set up an online profile these days I'm afraid

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    Welcome to TDUCK, I don't currently play TDU/2 but I'm sure someone who still does will be able to help you out with your online woes In the meantime feel free to post around the place and help us to get to know you

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    Thanks for the replys

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    Hiya and welcome to the duck.
    I hope your able to get to get the help you need to get online. TDU2 is a lovely game would be ashame if you are unable to play online.



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