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    Default Hi HI

    Hi Hi, everyone, i'm new to turboduck so please be kind,
    I'm a female gamer who loves open world driving games, with TDU2 being one of my favorites, i now i've unpack the game and i'm ready to start adding mods and learning how to write my own mods

    Oh and can i have a name change please to just Alissa
    Big Thanx in advance
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    Hello and welcome to The Duck!
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    Hi there Alissa, welcome to the .

    That was quite the nice intro you gave us there but personally I felt it needed more dragons, but that's just me and the way my mind works.

    About the name change, we prefer those who want one who have just joined to show activity first before doing so and you seem well on your way to doing that so it won't take long for you.

    I'm a bit mental.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Please don't anger the duck, ruffle the squirrels or flambé the goat. Especially mind the Goats, they don't like being turned into foodstuffs.

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    at Paladin - Hi Hi and thanx
    at Diablo - Hi Hi, Oh! More dragons next time (making note of that now lol) thats ok about the name change do i need to get in contact with you about the name change in a few weeks then ;P
    at Camel - Hi Hi & lol I shall try not to ;P


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