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    Default PlayStation 4 Update 3.50 Available Now

    As well as being hard at work closing down studios, Sony have also been hard at working further improving the PlayStation 4. Here are the 4 most notable features added/improved in 3.50:

    Appear offline
    Friend online notifications
    Remote Play for PC and Mac
    Custom Scheduled events

    Appear Offline
    Have you ever been on your...

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    So glad they've finally added an appear offline feature! Will finally be able to watch a Bluray without first having to scramble around the back of the TV stand to unplug the network cable. Friend notifications could be handy too.

    Only about 10 years behind Microsoft!

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    PS4 update 4.70 update causing issues for some

    4.70 Almost Bricked My PS4 - Anyone Else? : PS4


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