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    Exclamation Server Migration & DNS Propagation - 4/4/2016

    Hey there, just a quick heads-up to inform you all that in around the next 2 hours we will be locking the forum in order to set about pointing the domains to their new hosting. We've been on our current hardware a good while and we figured it time to get up to the current day. There will be a database backup at the time too to make sure that at the time of the lock the forum contents will be as they were left before it, which we will then hopefully be able to insert into the new... but knowing us (me!) something will go wrong we'll be stuck a few hours or day behind.

    So fingers crossed!

    Propagation of the changes can take anywhere from 2-72 hours to fully complete so we'll see you over at the new digs when your side of the internet has caught up.

    I will post an update to this thread 30mins before locking so that you can kind of be prepared.
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    Let's hope it all goes swimmingly.
    I'm a bit mental.


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