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    Default F1 2016 - Bahrain

    Well, what a terrible start to the Bahrain GP. The engine in Vettels Ferrari decided that it no longer wanted to be an engine.

    Can Hamilton and Rosberg put on a good enough show without Vettel sticking his nose in to spice things up?

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    Thanks Bottas. You've ruined the chance of that by taking Hamilton out in the first corner so Rosberg will win gain and I'm guessing it will be without a single fight. Boring.

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    Ahh that's it F1, give Bottas a penalty for taking Hamilton out just after Hamilton has overtaken him after being stuck behind for a couple of laps.:rolleyes:

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    Vettels problem did suck but at least Kimi kept Mercedes on their toes somewhat even if he wasn't able to challenge Rosberg.

    Not really sure you can call it a racing incident, he came from a long way back and crashed into the side of a car on the first corner on the first lap. At least leave it a few laps before you try stuff like that so you can be sure your tyres and brakes are up to temperature.

    Was a cracking race for Mr Gross Jeans in the Haas. They improved on their great result from Australia and this time weren't helped out by a red flag. Just shows what a new team can do when they tie up with one of the front runners and imo it's quite refreshing to see. Manor are also improving now that they have a decent engine behind them and there's been some good midfield racing.


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