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    I'll take 1 of these with the reg plate FU2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by T1M »
    Insane car, just love it. Although I think I prefer the blue actually seems more "Scandinavian"
    It is sadly.. Not in a good way in my opinion, shouts IKEA all over it. Why build such a car that tries to blend in and not immediately announces its presence? That's the Lamborghini way of doing it.
    Quote Originally Posted by iMyk »
    What is it and why is it so ugly? It looks like it's been aftermarket bomb proof-ified.

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    To be honest I first thought of blue = cold, not immediately Ikea. If it had some yellow lines, that would change the story

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    @Myk & Bentley's Ultra-Barge.

    I applaud this, it is king of the barges. Ultra long wheel base (U-LWB?)
    Your move Roll's Royce, I know they say length is't everything, but in this game it is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Diablo »
    This gen of Porsche 911 is right on point imo, every version they bring out of it is just impossible to dislike due to it looking amazing.
    Id disagree with that previous gen looked more appealin to me,

    And the Chiron theres something I dont quite like about the front lights...

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    Robik you are clearly squareist, it's 2016 man, time to get with the straight edges!
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    ^ I literally dont understand that xD

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