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    Post Test Drive, Starting to look like Carbon?

    I've recently read these threads about Test Drive: Unlimited not Including some, 100+ cars In the PS2 verison.

    I'm outraged, It's discusting that they degrade us by taking away so many vehicles that we'd love to drive. It's wrong. We're paying $39.99 (the same price as the Xbox 360 verison) and only getting half of what we payed for!

    EA did the same thing with Need For Speed: Carbon (and collectors edition.) The Xbox 360, PC, and PS3 verisons got over 104 cars and all we got were 33, only a measily 33!

    I thought all this would change when TDU came out, but I guess not? I'm really disapointed, The PS2 would some what be able to handle all the vehicles, and Atari most likely knows that.

    It's a shame that "next-gen" consoles are taking over us previous-gen consoles.

    IMO, If you want the full game with an excellent online, I suggest purchasing the '360 verison. -.-'

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    Default Re: Test Drive, Starting to look like Carbon?

    Well isn't this obvious. Of course the Next Gen are going to take over, that's what there for. Licensing and console problems are probably why this is like this, and if you want a fully next gen game onto a PS2 which is many many any times less powerful then that's insane, I don't' think it can be done (can it?)

    Carbon giving only 33 cars is a bit stupid, that really isn't enough, but I'm sure that it will be a good game on PS2 as long as people don't expect it to be as good as or beat the next gen versions.
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    Default Re: Test Drive, Starting to look like Carbon?

    Thats the way all things are going, next gen are taking over everything, which in my world is great as things are improving and graphics are becoming more and more better

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    Default Re: Test Drive, Starting to look like Carbon?

    Well ofcourse they're taking over, and yes I suppose It's a good thing, Better graphics and higher clocked speeds are good, but I just wish they would/could put In more of the vehicles. I read In an article that the reason they wouldn't/couldn't put 60+ vehicles, race wars, online, and so forth was because the PS2's processor couldn't handle It.

    Which makes sense ofcourse.. But I 'ave to give It to atari, at least they could give us old-gen users some online play.

    Well, I guess It's time to upgrade to the 360 since the PS3 was proven a blow.

    Thanks for the Info guys. ;-)

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    Default Re: Test Drive, Starting to look like Carbon?

    It's looking bad, but at least we didn't lose 70 cars to Carbon! Ya know why the Xbox version got all the cars? Microsoft owns rights to Ferrari's in video games. It's just Bill Gates being a **** head and using his billions to make more billions, and ruining the gaming industry in the process for anyone who doesn't have an Xbox.
    DONT EVER COMPARE TDU TO CARBON! I have them both. Carbon is a piece of crap, you can pass it in a day. I've played about 30 hours, more I think, on TDU, and I am half way through.
    TDU owns it!
    This will have excellent online, and I love playing handheld games This is the best you'll find.

    Ps. Pheralas and Street Ryder, love the sigs, LOVE them. I was so annoyed that TVR were taken out of Test Drive, and I own two Koenigseggs.

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    Default Re: Test Drive, Starting to look like Carbon?

    TDU is cool. They should have put in the corvette Z06 though!!! I love that car!!!
    Watch out for my AC 427 in TDU. its top speed:307 km. Milage: 11,015 km

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    they could have atleast put motorcycles in the game.

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    Why? There are bike games, if you want bikes, get one of those. Car fans who like car games don't want to have to race bikes for 100% completion.

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    ur right. i have both games. its hard to find a good car out of that bunch on carbon. i didnt think tdu was tht bad till i played the 360 version.


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