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    Default Xbone owner

    Recently got hold of an Xbox 1 and forza 6, looking to something more besides rivals mode. Used to doing racing games with no driving aids and a controller, decently quick but no champion. Enjoys watching racing, especially MotoGP. When not gaming or watching racing you would typically find me playing bridge, listening to music or watching television. And once in a blue moon working.

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    Hey welcome!

    We host a Forza 6 Race League every Sunday if you want to take part, details are under the Forza sub-forum
    PSN: Sky_Gam // XBLA: SkylarkGaming // Steam: Paladin Skylark

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    Welcome, we'd be glad to have you onboard in our FM6 race league

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    Welcome to the mad house! Remember that you need to remember. And do not forget.

    Hop aboard the F6 events but I do apologise in advance. Apart from the race league because Sunday afternoons aren't good for me as of recent so you'll at least have a chance to win those.



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