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    Hi everybody!!

    I did receive an inmail asking to introduce myself... So I think I'm going to start with the beginning:
    I was born in France on the ** Febuary of 19**. I first live near Paris until I was 5, then I moved to the French riviera where I...blablabla bla blablabla...
    Seriously?!? did you really think that I was going to reveal ALL my life?!?

    Well to be more precise, I am a PC gamer, my favorit games are generaly simulations like Flight Simulator but in this case racing simulation.
    I first began with Grand Prix 2, then Grand Prix Legends. I also did Viper Racing, but I am right now on GTR2 and I still playing it.
    BUT, from times to times I also like to play less technical games like need for speed and TDU2.

    I'm really looking forward to see some of you on the games I own. Let's talk to each other and see you in games!!


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    Reveal all your life or we ban you.

    Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, welcome to our little humble abode, affectionately known by some as hell... I mean tduck. It's great to see someone who has played games, talks about games and plays games joining us and I hope you enjoy your (perhaps brief? ) time here and share with us your thoughts, impressions and breakfast recipes.
    I'm a bit mental.

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    Haha Naaaa I think I'm going to save yourself from that
    Well after spend many, many, MANY, years playing video games, it's the first time I actually suscribe to your hell! So of course I will spend some times here showing around

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    Have a customary headpat free of charge.

    Now, for the headpat please leave your teeth by the microwave and have a nice day. Feel free to ask Mr Scott anything if you have any issues. I'm sure he will be of incredible assistance to you.

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    Welcome to the weirdest duck-related forum which is surprisingly much about cars

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    Thank you guys! You are neat!! Of course I will take any advice you show me.


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