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    Default Rocket League as its finest

    About this thread

    This thread focuses on Rocket League and in addition to PC, this FOOTBALL/soccer game with cars runs on PS4, and no matter which platform you're using to play, feel free to join the discussion in here (since PSN-players accompany PC players in online games).

    Providing a great place to gather up party or even a more serious, ranked team and head forward to play. You can also share your shiny moments in the game by putting out your replays in. Discuss, meet up, brag and keep on playing!

    I would like to gather up some folks to play with me on 2v2 / 3v3 / 4v4. I usually play on weekdays (weekends are locked out). Add me on Steam if you're interested (don't think it's a date, you fool! ) and don't think I'm a pro in this, I actually bought the game yesterday and played about 2 hours.

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    I can probably play on weekdays, it kinda depends on the day though as sometimes I have 5 people all wanting me to play different games I'm a casual player, not looking to play ranked games, just having fun in it

    I also know a certain person who is really passionate about this game, though I'm not sure how his timezone will work out
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    I know the feeling, and the best thing is that for me the friends are pretty much split on to using Steam, Origin and Thereby I get invitations from all three of them and things go twisted.

    Add me on Steam so we can hop on and play some day! School stuff is pushing on along with the work, but I think I can manage.

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    I don't mind playing the odd match.

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